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The Bank of Vernon, Community Banking Since 1911

Overdraft Privilege

We want to help you avoid the embarrassment associated with the occasional or inadvertent overdraft, not to mention the exorbitant fees charged by merchants, when your check is returned.
We are trying to do all we can to help. We have added convenient BOUNCE PROTECTION® OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE to eligible personal and business checking accounts.
Of course, we are not promising to pay overdrafts, but if you maintain your eligible account in good standing, rather than automatically returning unpaid any non-sufficient funds items that you may have, we will consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts.
Of course, we will charge your account our normal charge for each item that would create an overdraft on your account. We will send you a notice each time an overdraft occurs.
This discretionary overdraft service requires no action on your part. You do not have to sign any additional documents and it costs you nothing unless you use the service - by initiating checks, electronic funds transfers, or other payment or withdrawal requests for more than the amount of collected (available) funds you have on deposit in your account.
BOUNCE PROTECTION® OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE is another good service and another good reason for banking with The Bank of Vernon!